Friday, July 19, 2013

What I do during work - # 1 Mind's playlist

 Yes, I'm now at the States!
But not working on something BIG
just a humble housekeeper at Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI.
Haha! T.T
As I was saying...

Those who have followed me on Instagram, you might have already seen I posted it before.
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What can I do? No one loves routine work.
I have to keep myself entertained but... 

Taylor Swift - 22

The Script - Breakeven

I know this is funny but #1 is my favorite.
It distracts me a lot that I could not focus on my work but really couldn't help singing this song in my mind.
Here goes...
Namewee - Thai Love Song ♥

Maybe one day I will try to cover this song...
Hope you enjoyed the songs :P
Leave some comments below, tell me what are the songs that always play in your mind?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

United States!

 Sorry been away for half a year! Haha! 
(who said want to pick up blogging again #fail)
Well, been busy with the last semester at HELP and preparation to... 
*drum rolls*

It was a Summer Work and Travel Program offered by Speedwing and CIEE.
They helped us with our work application, finding our employers, visa application etc.
But airticket and accomodation, it's on our own.

Before the long flights to U.S

I've been flying around since 6th May... 
1. Brought a bunch of Uni friends to KK, Sabah! Meow's hometown!
(I shall blog about it one day... One day...)
2. Stayed at LCCT for one night and fly to Medan, Indonesia to find my sister!
It was a nice trip, all we do was eat eat EAT!
And got to do some teeth fillings :3
3. Fly back to KL and the next day... U.S.!!
About the whole journey to U.S. would maybe take up a whole new post. So shall talk about it next time.
We finally reached Wisconsin Dells on the 21st of May, went to Orientation on 22nd and first day of work on 23rd!

First few days of work

Being fresh and new there, I tried to make friends with others.
There are a mixture of people from different cultures and countries here.
I expect to meet Americans but surprisingly most of them are Mexicans and of course, J1 students like me.
(FYI, I worked as a Housekeeper at Wilderness Resort.)
So far, I've met Ukrainians, Colombians, Bulgarians, Jamaicans, Ecuadorian and Filipinos then recently Turkish, Taiwanese and Chinese.
There were some funny things happened...

Well it's not their fault for not knowing where Malaysia is. 
My standard reply was it's in between Thailand and Singapore. *cries*
And maybe because I'm a Malaysian Chinese and they assumed able to speak Mandarin = from China.
Haha! It's quite hard for them to understand that 
and they were amazed that we could speak multiple languages!
*proud to be a Malaysian* 
However, I should also brush up my knowledge about Malaysia. Or else... -.-

Well, that's for now! 
I've always thinking to blog about the things happened here.
Lazy bum here will try her best to step out from thinking to doing!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hi all!
How's your 1st week of 2013?
I'm really grateful to end 2012 and start 2013 with a bunch of "chimakan" friends.
I bet all of you have friends, different kinds of them.
For example...

 I'm really grateful to have them, crazy yet true friends. 
Friends are a bunch who are true to you and themselves
They are comfortable enough to reveal themselves to you and give you their trust.
They tolerate each other's bad habits and embrace their strengths.
Friends are there to cheer you up when you are down and celebrate happy times with you.
Before you do something wrong, they pull you back to the right path.
They listen. They give advises. They cry with you. They laugh with you.

Some may say friends come and go.
No doubt, that's life.
But open up your eyes and see. 
Cherish what you have now. 
Hold on to the true ones and maintain your friendships. 
You will be truly blessed by them. 
Of course, be a good friend yourself too! :D

 Now tell me, what are your friends like?
Are there any habits that you hated but laughed about all the time? :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A brand new start. A brand new direction.

Happy New Year! It's 2013!

It's a brand new year, a time to...
  • review the past - what has happened?
  • reflect our feelings and behaviors - what have we done?
  • evaluate our goals - have we achieved what we wanted?
  • and set a new goal! 
Some said 2012 was great.
Some asked why the world didn't end.
Yes, we might face difficulties and giving up everything seems to be an easy way out.
But life is not perfect, WE are not perfect. 
New year resolution since last year still have not been met?
Bad things happened in the past?
Mistakes that you have regretted doing? 

Now, tell yourself this...
"2013 is an opportunity. Why the world didn't end? 
It's to give yourself an opportunity to make things right."
It's good to have new year resolutions. 
It gives you a direction, be it old or new.
Set our goals right and focus on it.
It's a note to myself too. 

I'm really grateful for 2012 that I have constantly been inspired by people, passionate people, who are pursuing their dreams and being successful in it. 
The common element I observed or we could say "the key" to their success is their passion.
I also want that too!
I believe it's never too late to explore yourself, to find your passion and dream.
DREAM BIG! We might not achieve it now but eventually, as long as we persist.

My new year resolution is to... 
  1. start a comic blog and my own brand!
  2. learn a new language
  3. get back to my ideal weight - at least be healthy
  4. read more!
Today, I will pick up blogging again. 
Hopefully it could be a consistent update, this time with my own comic! :)
Thanks for taking your time to read, will update more interesting and different post soon!
A toast to a better 2013! *cheers*

p/s: Leslie mentioned that we will never be a new person in every new year, it's a lie, we will still end up being the same person as before. So instead of being a new me, let's be a same but better me. :)

2013 - beginning of a better me.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wise words of an old man from a novel - Thanks for the memories.

'Well, even a garden grows stranglers, love.
It grows them naturally, all by itself.
They creep up and choke the plants that are growing from the very same soil as they are.
We own have our demons, our self-destruct button.
Even in gardens. Pretty as they may be.
If you don't potter, you don't notice them.'

'Oh. Well, is it hurting anyone?
Because if it's not and you've been given it,
I'd soon stop callin' it a "thing" but start referring to it as a "gift"...'

'In my day, something just was. None of this analysis a hundred times over. None of these college courses with people graduating with degrees in Whys and Hows and Becauses. Sometimes, love, you just have to forget all of those words and enroll in a little lesson called "Thank You"...'

Joyce's dad from Thanks for the memories by Cecilia Ahern

Sunday, February 21, 2010


'Study hard now, play hard later.' Gwendeline Lee Wei.

That's my quote since last year, but did I manage to fulfill it?
Opps. Depends ;p
But... We had to.
We're the...

Let's do our best, not to let them down.
That's our reponsible.
Our mission.
Our achievement.

Currently, the problem we face is just a small peak of the iceberg.
We have to overcome it
as it will be more and more challenging tasks await before us.

Remember, this is just a small peak of it.
Jump over it before it rose up.
Break it before you bang it.
Do whatever you could, as long you get the results.
(please don't cheat in exams -.-)

Dreamers, let's check our engines.
Fill the petrol.
Prepare well,
before we could fly up the sky
to our bright future.